Merry Meet! We are Daughter of Brigid!

I’ve always been creative. So when I got it in my head to do something nice for some friends. I figured why not share it with the world.

I am a Daughter Of Brigid, i study her, carry her with me every single day, and thank her for every blessing or trouble in my life. this whole thing started after i accepted her finally as my Goddess. i was sitting there one night with my husband and the thought literally came to me to make a couple necklaces for my sister witches. I got the complete how and what to use all in a blink of an eye. after that it just spread. soon I was having people from across the country asking me to make them a necklace. As I continued, I kept thinking about how I could do this, and here I am today! I truly enjoy this and everything i make rather it be a necklace or a smudge stick and yes whatever the future brings me and Brigid blesses me with. is all in her name.

Blessed Be, and I look forward to serving you!

Our Mission

Our goal is the help you become relaxed, or strengthen whatever energy you need strengthened l, or simply because you think it smells good or looks pretty. We aspire yo make beautiful things to warm the heart and soul.

Who We Are

Merry Meet! Daughter of Brigid is a fine jewerly retailer based in the St. Louis, MO metropolitan area. Our focus is on beautiful jewerly and spiritual supplies for the pagan community, both locally and globally. Our comittment to quality is second to none.

Our Creations

-High Quality, Beautiful Jewelry

-Lavender Smoke Sticks



Meghan Manta


Hello, My name is Meghan! I’ve been a follower of Brigid for years, and I’ve taken my love for beautiful jewerly and my passion for my faith and created Daughter of Brigid. I’ve been creating things as long as I can remember, and I’m very excited to be able to make some beautiful, high quality creations just for you, and it’s my hope that it brings you peace and joy!

Check out our Creations

We’re looking forward to serving you, and we hope that you will find something beautiful that you’ll just love!